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Man Receives Compensation For Pelvic Ring Injury

A man has received a five-figure sum following a road traffic accident. Claire Newstead of our Leeds office successfully recovered compensation for our client after he sustained serious injuries in a road traffic collision.

Our client was driving across a junction when another car drove at speed through a red light and collided with our client’s vehicle.

The man sustained severe pelvic fractures and underwent surgery in order to fit an external fixator.  He also suffered fractures to his ribs causing a pneumothorax, and soft tissue injuries to his back and knee.

Our client was required to wear the fixator for two months and during this time his mobility was greatly reduced.  He was reliant upon his fiancée for practical help and support with domestic tasks and personal hygiene.  He was also off work for several months and continues to suffer from pain and discomfort in his pelvic region and has been unable to participate in all of his pre-accident hobbies. 

The other party admitted liability for the accident and we negotiated a settlement in excess of £40,000 on our client’s behalf. This will enable a structured physiotherapy package to be put into place which should reduce the ongoing pain experienced by our client. As a result of his compensation, he will continue to benefit from physiotherapy support when he needs it, helping to ease his ongoing symptoms. 

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