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Man Injured In Fall At Work Receives Compensation

Our experienced accident at work team helped a man to claim compensation after he was injured in a fall at work.

Christopher Hartness was working in a factory in March 2009 when he suffered a number of injuries in an accident.  

Mr Hartness worked as a welder/fabricator and was walking through the factory in an area where steel had been stacked on wooden bearers on the floor. To pass through this area he had to step over the steel and in doing so, caught his foot on the last wooden bearing.  As a result Mr. Hartness fell forwards onto the floor. 

The accident left Mr Hartness with injuries to his back and shoulders which were diagnosed as ligament damage. He also suffered an injury to his spine and a tear to the cartilage in his shoulders. The accident also exacerbated a pre-existing shoulder injury.
Mr Hartness's injuries were so severe that he needed surgery on his left shoulder in June 2010.

Mr Hartness's employers admitted liability for breaching of primary care. The claim was then settled for more than £4000.

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