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Leeds Lady, 62, Seriously Injured In Collision With HGV

Irwin Mitchell has represented a 62-year-old Leeds lady in her claim for compensation for injuries sustained in a road traffic accident.

The accident occurred whilst the lady was a rear seat passenger and an HGV collided at speed with the rear of the vehicle.

As a result of the collision our client was air lifted to Leeds General Infirmary by Yorkshire Air Ambulance. She sustained serious injuries including fractured vertebrae in her neck requiring surgery, fractured vertebrae in the lower back, multiple rib fractures, fractured pelvis requiring surgery, fractured femur and also sustained a head injury.

With the assistance of Irwin Mitchell our client received £175,000 in compensation. The compensation received will cover care and assistance required in the future and adaptations to the property to make our client’s day to day activities easier.

Despite the serious nature of the injuries, our client has made a good recovery but still experiences ongoing restrictions in her day to day activities. The money received will enable the Claimant to make adaptations to her property including changes to the kitchen and bathroom.

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