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Fall In Car Park Case Settled With Lidl Store Admitting Liability

Ronald came to see solicitor Elaine Russell after a fall in a car park. The incident happened in December 2009 in the car park of a Lidl Store in Barrhead, near Paisley.

It had been snowing and extremely cold on the day and Ronald parked his vehicle near the front of the store at the edge of the car park. After putting his shopping away in the boot of his car and making his way to the driver’s door, he slipped on ice and fell backwards down a three foot slope. There was a small wall with railings around the car park to stop people falling down the slope but it stopped just before the space Ronald had parked in.

As a result of the fall, Ronald sustained an unstable fracture to his left ankle. He attended the Accident & Emergency Department of the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley where his ankle was put in a plaster cast and he was given a Zimmer frame to aid his mobility. Ronald continues to suffer pain and inconvenience as a result of the injuries he sustained.

The claim settled in favour of Ronald with Lidl admitting liability. A longer fence has now been put up at the edge of the car park and the space that Ronald used the day of the incident is now a No Parking zone. It was also recommended that staff members receive further health and safety training to deal with such incidents more effectively in the future.

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