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Professional Negligence Team Secure Compensation For Woman Injured At Goodwood Races

The National Professional Negligence Team have secured compensation for Mrs Wendy Morton who was wrongly advised following an accident at Goodwood Races.

Mrs Morton was injured whilst working at Goodwood Races.

She instructed another firm of solicitors to act for her in a personal injury claim.

There were two potential defendants in this case, her employers and the racecourse itself.

A claim was brought by the other firm of solicitors against one of the defendants, who denied liability. Consequently the previous firm commenced proceedings on the Mrs Morton’s behalf but they only sued that one defendant. Unfortunately it transpired that they sued the racecourse who was the wrong defendant in this instance.

At trial the case collapsed when it became obvious that the court was not going to find against the named defendant.

Mark Aldridge of Irwin Mitchell’s Leeds office brought an action against the former solicitors for their failure to properly conduct the litigation and for the failure to consider the liability of the employer and to include them in this case.

The Professional Negligence team were able to secure compensation of £12,750 from the former solicitors in an out of court settlement.

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