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Over £500,000 Damages Awarded In Holiday Village Turkey Claims

A group of 20 UK holiday makers are the latest victims to have won their battle for justice against a leading UK tour giant after their holidays were left in tatters when they were struck with sickness.

Amongst the group were two families, from Glasgow and Preston, who received £10,726.00 and £10,925.00 respectively after suffering symptoms including diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach cramps.

The notorious Holiday Village in Turkey has been the subject of repeated complaints over a number of years.  The 500-room hotel was the subject of an investigation by BBC consumer show Watchdog in 2009, and has seen 1,200 people take legal action with Irwin Mitchell following repeated incidences of Salmonella poisoning and other gastric illness. 

Since 2005, Irwin Mitchell has successfully recovered over £500,000.00 in damages for up to 260 victims who fell ill at the hotel.

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