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Man Receives Compensation After Hand Injury at College

A Sheffield man has received compensation after his hand was injured in engineering accident at college

In November 2006 the client was using a lathe in an engineering room at a College in Sheffield. The client was securing a piece of metal in the machine and was tightening up his work using the chuck key in his left hand when suddenly, another pupil switched the machine off and then back on again causing the chuck key to spin fast anticlockwise forcing our client's left hand around with it.

Our client was taken to Hospital where he had to have a small part of his fingertip amputated because of the accident.

Our client was awarded £11,750 in an out of court settlement. It was alleged that the college were at fault because they failed to ensure the safety of our client whilst he was engaged in the engineering room, failed to ensure the machine was fitted with controls whereby the machine could have stopped safely and failed to adequately train pupils using the equipment.

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