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£400,000 for Warwickshire man injured by faulty machinery at work

A Nuneaton man has successfully claimed damages of £400,000 in respect of orthopaedic and psychological injuries he sustained following an accident at work.

Our client was working as a mechanic at a bus depot. Whilst working underneath the bus, the jacks on which it was hoisted dropped without warning, causing the underside of the bus to strike him. The jacks were later found to have been faulty and there had been failings in respect of the training provided to our client and the risk assessment of the task.

Stephen Nye, Partner at our Birmingham office, handled the claim and commented: "My client sustained serious injuries which kept him out of work for a very long period and which will continue to cause him problems in the future. We were able to use the legal claim as a means of accessing intensive rehabilitation, which has resulted in a better overall outcome than may otherwise have been the case.

"As with many accidents at work, this was an entirely avoidable event. Had there been better training and maintenance of equipment, this accident would never have happened."

If you’ve been injured at work due to defective equipment, our personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit our Defective Work Equipment Claims page for more information.

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