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Compensation for Man After Fall in Public Place

The Leeds Personal Injury team represented a gentleman who was injured when walking on a pedestrian footpath leading off Oulton Lane in Leeds. 

In August 2009 our client was walking along the path when he moved aside to allow two cyclists to go past him.  As our client moved to the right, he stepped on uneven brickwork which caused him to sustain injury to his ankle.

As a result of the injuries he sustained, our client required eight weeks off work.
The personal injury experts in our Leeds office made a claim against Leeds City Council, who were responsible for the maintenance of the footpath. Irwin Mitchell claimed that there had been a failure by the Council to carry out proper inspections of the area on a regular basis and alleged that if there had been such a system in place, the presence of the uneven brickwork would have been noted and rectified in a timely manner.  Our client received more than £5,500 in compensation.

Cathryn Godfrey, Associate Solicitor for Personal Injury in Leeds said “Our client suffered significant pain and discomfort, and financial loss, as a result of this accident. It is important that local councils follow the correct procedures and ensure that regular inspections are carried out in respect of areas that they are responsible for.”

If you've been injured while on council property, our specialist personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visits our Claims Against The Council page for more information.

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