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Birmingham Man Wins £145,000 After Road Accident

A Birmingham man in his seventies has agreed an out of Court settlement of the claim he pursued after having a road crash. He was seriously injured in a head on collision.

The driver responsible had been involved in a road rage incident with another motorist and was driving recklessly. Our client was innocently driving by and had no opportunity to avoid the collision.

Our client suffered multiple orthopaedic injuries and an understandable psychological reaction.
Stephen Nye, Partner at our Birmingham office dealt with the claim and commented, "This incident, which left my client badly injured, was entirely avoidable. It arose from the reckless actions of two other road users, who had become embroiled in a road rage incident and were continuing this without any consideration for other road users.

"My client has made a reasonable recovery, but is less mobile than he was and needs some assistance. Hopefully this settlement will provide him with the means to access the support he needs, so he can fully enjoy his retirement."

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