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Woman Receives £500,000 As A Result Of Burns Sustained In A Motorway Collision

A 49 year old woman has recovered £500,000 in an out of Court settlement following a road traffic collision when the Defendant collided with her car on the motorway causing her vehicle to burst into flames.

Miss X sustained significant burns to her face and body when her car rolled and exploded as a result of the collision. She retained consciousness and sustained a severe psychological injury and it is unlikely she will ever drive again.  She spent a very painful time in hospital and due to the extent of her injuries had reduced function in her upper limbs. As a result of the injury Miss X had to wear pressure garments and a face mask for an extended period of time.
The Defendant was successfully prosecuted for driving without due care and attention. Settlement was negotiated after Court proceedings had been issued.

The claim was settled by Rebecca Hearsey, Associate Solicitor of the Birmingham Office of Irwin Mitchell.  She said: “This was an accident which should never have happened and it was never clear why the Defendant had collided with the Claimant.  She is an amazing lady and her recovery should act as an inspiration to all but her life has changed beyond recognition.”

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