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Student Injured In Nightclub Event

Crushed In Stampede

A student at Newcastle University received a £2,000 out of Court settlement after sustaining an injury at a 'Grab a Grand' promotional event at a nightclub.

During the event £1,000 was thrown on to the dance floor. As people rushed forward, our client was crushed in the stampede. As well as minor physical injuries, our client sustained psychological injuries.

Of the three potential Defendants (the nightclub, the promoter and the advertiser), the latter two had gone into liquidation, while we had no have evidence that the nightclub itself had any prior knowledge of the event and was placing the blame firmly at the door of the promoter.

Despite the difficulties faced and the denial of responsibility, once proceedings were issued by Miss Toni Long, Solicitor in the fast track team in our Birmingham office, the nightclub settled the case for £2,000.

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