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Shropshire Road Accident Victim Secures £420,000 Damages Award

A Shropshire woman has recovered damages of £420,000 in respect of multiple orthopaedic injuries she sustained in a road accident.

She sustained her injuries when involved in a head on collision with another vehicle, the driver of which had been drinking and was way in excess of the legal drink driving limit. He attempted an overtaking manoeuvre when it was not safe to do so and crossed onto the wrong side of the road, causing the crash.

The victim has had to endure many weeks in hospital and her ability to work in the future has been severely affected. Her mobility is permanently impaired.

Stephen Nye, Partner at our Birmingham office dealt with the claim and commented "My client sustained life threatening and life changing injuries in this accident. She was an entirely innocent victim of a reckless and irresponsible drunk driver. Whilst policing of drink driving offences continues to improve, there are still drivers who take unacceptable risks, often with devastating consequences. My client's award will enable her to meet her future care needs and provide financial security, given she will now find it difficult to work in the future."

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