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Armed Forces Compensation Claim For Former Corporal

Our military injuries team helped a former Corporal secure an out of Court settlement of £13,500 in armed forces compensation after he sustained injuries to his feet during a JMCL course at Borden Ranges.

Before the course had commenced he had made it apparent to his seniors that his boots were causing him great pain as his feet were too wide for them. Due to this, he had to wear boots that were too big for the length of his feet. Despite making this indication, he was not provided with the sufficient footwear that he required.

During the course that he attended, his boots gave way due to his wide feet which allowed water to seep into his boots. His feet were continuously wet and cold despite changing his socks a number of times. As a result of this he suffers constant pain in his feet which limits his mobility and standing tolerance. Our client was medically discharged from the army as a result of the injury.

The award of compensation for military injuries reflects damages for our client’s loss of military career, and his military pension and loss of other benefits associated with military service. It also reflects our client’s ongoing pain and discomfort along with his vulnerability in the civilian labour market.

If you've been injured in a Military Training Accident you might be entitled to claim Military Compensation.

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