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Serious Injuries in Road Traffic Accident

A man has received £1.7 million in compensation after he suffered serious injuries in a road traffic accident.

Mr Tabrett was injured in a road crash in May 2005 whilst crossing a road when a driver collided with him.  It was alleged that Mr Tabrett was partly to blame and an agreement was entered into that he would receive 82.5% of his damages.  An offer of £350,000 was also made to settle the case.  It was at this stage that Mr Tabrett decided to change solicitors.  This was at the suggestion of the occupational therapist treating him.  There was concern that he may be advised to accept the offer which he thought may not sufficiently reflect his losses. 

In the road accident, Mr Tabrett was knocked unconscious and he sustained fractures of his head and face.  Fortunately, he made good recoveries from these injuries as well as an abdominal injury that he sustained.  However, it was the multiple fractures to his legs that caused problems.  Whilst treatment to the right leg meant that Mr Tabrett could have some use, his left leg was particularly badly injured to the extent that he was eventually advised to have a through knee amputation.

When Irwin Mitchell took over this case, Mr Tabrett was living in his home which was clearly unsuitable to cope with his disability.  He had no support and was receiving very little treatment for his injuries.  Irwin Mitchell secured a large interim payment.  With the interim payment a case manager was appointed who ensured that there was appropriate physiotherapy and occupational therapy put in place.  Furthermore, Mr Tabrett was unable to venture out alone and was very reliant on his wife so a support worker was employed to assist with this. Arrangements were also made to investigate the accommodation position and to advise Mr Tabrett of suitable alternative housing. 

Mr Tabrett was unable to return to work as a result of his injuries. 

The necessary expert evidence was obtained in order to support what had become a very substantial claim.  Eventually the Defendants put forward an offer of £750,000 which was rejected.  Further investigations were carried out and eventually and  the Defendants increased their offer to £1.7 million on a full liability basis.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a road traffic accident, our serious injury claims team could help you secure compensation. See our Road Traffic Accident Claims page for more information.

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