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Woman Who Suffers Allergy to Hair Dye Receives Compensation

A Birmingham woman had decided to dye her hair with a bottle of Clairol Nice 'n' Easy hair colourant and carried out a skin sensitivity test prior to applying the product. The following day her head started itching, burning, weeping and became extremely swollen. After attending hospital she was diagnosed with allergic contact dermatitis.

The claim was brought against Proctor and Gamble who agreed to offer her an out-of-court settlement of £4,500, and was settled by Tania Bains, of Irwin Mitchell's Fast Track Team at the Birmingham office. 

Miss Bains said: “The use of PPD in hair dye products is widely discussed, with recent press featuring cases of individuals suffering injuries following the application of such products. Worryingly two thirds of hair dye kits contain para-phenylenediamine or PPD, a substance banned throughout Europe but readily available within the UK.

"My client was the victim of painful injuries for which we were able to secure compensation. We were also able to obtain expert medical advice, from which our client was advised to avoid the use of any products containing PPD. We care passionately about the issues facing our clients, and fully support the recently launched internet campaign calling for the banning of PPD from dyes."

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