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Birmingham Man Receives Damages for Factory Accident

A West Midlands man has received £4,300 as a result of an accident which occurred at his workplace in Birmingham.

The 31 year old factory employee was injured as a result of a malfunction in a piece of machinery designed to hold plastic pallets.  Due to a technical fault the machinery threw the pallets out, hitting the man and knocking him to the floor.

He sustained soft tissue injuries to his left arm, chest and back.  He also required 6 weeks off work for which full loss of wages were recovered.

The claim was settled by Tania Bains of Irwin Mitchell's Birmingham office. 

Miss Bains said, "the presence of a defect of the machinery demonstrated that my client's safety had been seriously put at risk.  His employers had failed to maintain the machinery and left it in an unsafe condition and had therefore failed to discharge the duty of care they owed to my client.

"Fortunately the matter has been resolved in a timely fashion, without the need to resort to Court proceedings, and my client is delighted with the result."

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