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Compensation For Woman After Trip In Her Council Home

The 49 year old woman tripped and fell because of an uneven floor in her bedroom.  Contractors employed by the Council were working on refurbishments to her home.  The contractors had broken the floorboards and covered them back over with the carpet, concealing the they hazard they had created. As she walked into her bedroom she tripped over the hazard and fell. 

Mrs X sustained soft tissue injury to her left wrist, neck, knees and toes.

Mrs X’s claim was settled in October 2009 by Miss Toni Long of Irwin Mitchell’s Fast Track Personal Injury Team based in Birmingham.

Miss Long said “The presence of the broken floorboards clearly presented a tripping hazard. The contractors had concealed the defective flooring and failed to bring this defect to the attention to persons living in the house. They had left the premises in an unsafe condition and had therefore failed to discharge the duty of care they owed to my client.

"Fortunately the matter has been resolved in a timely fashion, without the need to resort to Court proceedings, and my client is delighted with the result."

If you've been injured while on council property, our specialist personal injury lawyers could help you claim compensation. Visits our Claims Against The Council page for more information.

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