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Workplace Negligence Leads To Six Figure Compensation

Our client was a university student, who had arranged via an international scheme for students to work in England for a summer, to learn English and also to earn some money for his university course. Whilst working at a farm in 2002, he was asked to walk alongside a potato harvester removing greenery from the base of the machine.

An important safety device had been removed by the owner of the farm which meant that his left arm became caught and he suffered a traumatic amputation at the mid-forearm level. All soft tissue structures had been destroyed. The wound was heavily contaminated with dirt.

A seven hour operation was performed that night.

The arm was reattached and, over the next few years, our client underwent many operations at St James’s hospital in Leeds where surgeons attempted to improve the level of function in the arm.

Following our investigations, the employer pleaded guilty to workplace negligence through breaches of health and safety legislation and was fined a substantial sum. But the insurers later argued that our client was partly responsible for the accident.

We arranged a programme of rehabilitation (including physiotherapy and other therapies) using the assistance of interim payments, during which our client decided he would like to continue his studies in the UK.

His surgery continued in Leeds, with the expert team he had come to trust.

Court proceedings were commenced and the claim ultimately settled for a substantial, six figure sum reflecting his injuries, his past financial losses and likely future losses in terms of future employment, care and treatment costs.

Our serious injury solicitors could help you claim compensation if you have suffered an injury at work that resulted in the amputation of a limb. See our Amputation Claims page or Workplace Accident Claims page for more information.

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