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Surgery Error Claim Leads to £44,000 Compensation

Our client underwent a total colectomy due to Crohn’s disease; he was left with a permanent stoma.

He underwent a laparotomy operation to reverse the stoma.

Unfortunately due to an error during the surgery, our client had to undergo a second emergency laparotomy, and it was discovered that the anastomosis performed the previous day was between the ileum and a bladder diverticulum, not the rectal stump.

Post-operatively, our client encountered a series of complications meaning that he remained in hospital for a month. He recovered from these complications, but to his considerable disappointment, was left in a physical state similar to that prior to the operation, with a Stoma.

A surgery error claim was pursued with our specialist team of medical law solicitors.

The Defendant admitted breach of duty in full but not causation Grantham and District Hospital was found to be negligent in that they:

  • Incorrectly replaced the small bowel anastomos
  • Failed to identify where the rectal stump lay
  • Failed to carry out an examination of the rectal stump
  • Fell short of the standard expected during the procedure

Proceedings were not issued as the case settled before the expiry of extended limitation date.

Our client received £44,133.08 in compensation in an out of court settlement.

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