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Successful Settlement Reached Following Illness Contracted During Cruise In Egypt

Mrs MacPhie went on holiday to Egypt with her husband, James MacPhie, on the Cruise Ship Sonesta Sun Goddess.

Whilst on the cruise, Mrs MacPhie and her husband became ill with acute sickness and diarrhoea. Mrs MacPhie’s symptoms were more severe than her husband. She developed stomach pains, nausea followed by severe vomiting, and severe diarrhoea.

There was no doctor or nurse on board the ship and they reported their illness to the ship’s purser who was unable to offer any medical assistance. As a result of the illness suffered, Mr and Mrs MacPhie were unable to obtain the full benefit of their cruise holiday as they remained confined to their cabin in order to be near the toilet.

Mrs MacPhie, in particular, returned home still unwell and having problems with urgency to go to the toilet. She later underwent several examinations at the hospital and was diagnosed as having post infective irritable bowel syndrome. Mr MacPhie’s illness was short term, lasting only a few days.

Successful negotiated settlement of the claim to obtain compensation for Mr and Mrs MacPhie.

Compensation for the overseas claim was settled at £2,524.

Mrs MacPhie commented:

"I am very satisfied with the work carried out by Irwin Mitchell and, in particular, Jenny Brooks in helping me to get compensation for my claim. I have travelled frequently over the years and whenever I have had problems with the Tour Operator, they have been resolved amicably. However, when I tried to deal with the Tour Operator myself, I found that I was not getting anywhere and almost lost heart. Then I spoke with Jenny Brooks and she encouraged and supported me throughout my claim. Without her support I would have just given up."

If you have fallen ill whilst on a cruise ship, our personal injury claims team could help you to secure compensation. See our Cruise Illness Claims page for more information.

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