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MoD Claim Leads to Six Figure Compensation

£225,000 following a MoD claim from a former Lance Corporal in the Infantry who sustained severe cold injuries to both feet while undertaking covert surveillance operations in Kosovo during 2002. The injuries resulted in our client's medical discharge from the Army in 2005.

The claimant argued that the MoD as his employer was in breach of their duty of care towards him by reason of failing to provide him with cold weather training prior to his deployment and failed to provide the claimant with appropriate cold weather kit while deployed in Kosovo.

Liability was denied by the MoD until 2007 when Judgment was entered for the claimant. Compensation was achieved by way of a round table settlement meeting prior to Trial. The award of compensation reflects the claimant’s injury and ongoing disability, loss of earnings for the loss of his military service, ongoing care requirements and pension benefits.

If you have suffered a cold injury in the armed services, our military injury lawyers could help you claim compensation. Visit our Non-Freezing Cold Injury Compensation Claims page for more information.

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