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Man Injured by Faulty Power Tool

A man has received £9,500 in compensation after suffering a serious injury caused by a faulty power tool.

He purchased an angle grinder from Focus DIY in 2005. Prior to using the power tool for the first time our client read the instruction booklet carefully to ensure that the correct cutting disc was used with the product. As he then went to use the angle grinder cutting through a metal frame the grinder appeared to kick back and as it did the handle snapped.

The disc continued to turn on the end of the grinder which caused it to jump up slicing our client’s right bicep. Our client was then rushed to hospital where he had plastic surgery on his arm under general anaesthetic in order to repair the deep laceration to his arm.

Katrina Elsey from the Public Liability Team in Sheffield represented our client in a claim against the DIY store.

Liability was admitted and a substantial out of court settlement was reached.

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