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Lack Of Equipment Leads To Injury at Work

A man has received £4,800 compensation after he was injured in a work accident.

Dan Mason, who lived in the Aughton area of Sheffield at the time, was working for a garage door company as a fitter when the accident happened in June 2006.

Mr Mason cut his thumb with a handsaw whilst trying to cut a piece of PVC which was resting on his toolbox. He had not been provided with a workbench despite the fact he regularly had to cut up materials whilst out on jobs. Mr Mason was also working without gloves as none were available as the company had run out at the time.

As a result of the accident, Mr Mason required time off work and he has been left with a scar and lasting nerve problems in his thumb.

Prior to the accident, Mr Mason was active in a number of sports but the cold sensitivity following the laceration have affected his enjoyment of these.

His claim was settled by Lisa Fairclough of Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Industrial Accident Team, based in Sheffield.

She said: "Dan was injured whilst working on site at a customer’s house. He had not been provided with a workbench to assist when cutting the materials he needed, and sliced his thumb when trying to balance materials on his toolbox to cut them.

"A simple assessment of the day-to-day tasks that their workers are required to do would have revealed this as a danger area to Dan's employers and steps could easily have been taken to reduce the risk of injury.

"Out of sight should not be out of mind and this is an important reminder to employers to ensure that they are considering risks to all their workers, including those working off site."

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