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Hospital Duty of Care Failure Leads to MRSA Infection

Norman was 82 years old when he was admitted to hospital following an episode of renal failure and dehydration. Following admission a cannula was inserted into his arm to give him a blood transfusion. Unfortunately, the cannula site became infected with MRSA.

The hospital failed in their duty of care to follow their guidelines which state that high risk renal patients, such as Norman, should be screened for MRSA upon admission.

The hospital failed in their duty of care by inserting a cannula which became infected with MRSA. There was also a delay in taking a blood sample from Norman to identify the infection quickly. He was prescribed antibiotics to treat the MRSA however his condition deteriorated and sadly he passed away.

Sarah Rowland of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors is pursuing an investigation on behalf of Norman's family into a claim for clinical negligence.

If you or a loved one contracted MRSA due to poor hygiene standards at a hospital, our medical negligence claims team could help you to secure compensation. See our MRSA Compensation Claims page for more information.

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