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Horse Riding Injury Compensation

Ruth was 18 years old when the horse she was riding was struck by a van. The force of the impact was such that she sustained injury to the left and right femurs. She was taken by Air Ambulance to Hospital where she underwent a lengthy and complex operation to pin both her fractured femurs. Sadly, during that operation she developed a fat embolus which travelled to her brain, causing her to sustain a serious brain injury. Unfortunately, this is a known complication for such a procedure.

Ruth suffered a significant range of cognitive and intellectual problems. Particularly she had difficulty with memory, concentration, fatigue, organisation, planning and temper.

In order to assist Ruth with her rehabilitation her solicitor obtained an interim payment from the Defendant. The interim payment provided for a case manager to be appointed to support Ruth and her family and assist them with obtaining the equipment, therapy and support which she needed.

Ruth received the support and rehabilitation she required to aid her recovery. Her claim for personal injuries settled for £850,000 plus payment of her legal costs.

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