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Cut Injuries Following Accident at Work

A man has received £17,000 compensation after he was injured in an accident at work.

The accident happened in May 2006 when he and two colleagues were instructed to assist a manager to lift a pallet containing metal sheets onto the back of a van from the forks of a forklift truck.

The sheets were larger than the pallet and our client's arms were in contact with the edge of the sheets as he lifted. As the forks were lowered the weight was too great for the men to hold and the edge of the metal sheets cut his forearms.

He suffered damage to the tendons and nerve of his left arm and lacerations to both forearms. He required surgery and has been left with altered sensation and reduced grip in his left arm and scars to both arms.

As a result of the injuries, he has been unable to return to his hobbies of weight training and martial arts and has suffered from depression since the accident.

Liability was admitted by our client's employers and the claim was settled by Louise Morgan of Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Work Accident Team who deal with claims for injuries arising from industrial accidents.

She said, "My client's employers failed to avoid, so far as reasonably possible, the need for their employees to undertake a manual handling operation and undertook the task of loading the van in an unsafe manner."

Our personal injury solicitors could help you claim compensation for a burn, laceration or scarring from an injury at work. See our Burns, Scars & Lacerations At Work Claims page for more information.

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