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Contractor Receives Compensation Following Accident At Work

A man has received £8,000 in compensation after being injured in an accident at work.

Our client was contracted out by his employer and was working as a roofer when he broke his ankle on site.

His accident occurred when he was trying to get off a roof onto some scaffolding. Our client's route had been blocked by materials that had been stacked up and he had to climb over them in order to get past.

As he was climbing over the materials they shifted, forcing his leg beneath them and breaking a bone in his ankle.

His claim was settled with help from Lisa Fairclough of Irwin Mitchell’s Accidents at Work team in Sheffield.

She said, "This case shows the importance of ensuring all traffic routes on building sites are kept clear so that workers can work in a safe environment.

"It also highlights that contractors as well as employers have a duty of care for people working on their sites."

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