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Compensation for Woman after Wrong Drug Prescription Causes Injury

Successful Wrong Medication Claim

A woman has received £70,000 in compensation after she was prescribed the wrong dose of medication which caused injury.

Matilda was initially incorrectly prescribed the medication by her GP in March 2004. She was then supplied with the medicine by a pharmacist who offered advice on its usage based on the assumption that she had been prescribed a lower dose.

As a result of using the medication, Matilda suffered localised burns and a series of neurological symptoms. She continues to experience a variety of symptoms including limb weakness, dizziness, numbness in her hands, face, neck and shoulders.

The claim was settled against the GP and pharmacy by Anna Penycate of Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Medical Negligence Team, based in Sheffield.

She said "My client's GP negligently prescribed her with an incorrect dosage of medication which led to serious injury and neurological damage.

"The pharmacist failed to check the accuracy of the prescription and should have known that this particular treatment is normally restricted to application by a trained professional."

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