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Compensation for Soldier After Injury at Work

A Salisbury solider has been given £25,000 in compensation after being injured at work.

The Lance Corporal was working with 608 Signals Troop, stationed at the Land Army Unit in Ashchurch when he was injured.

His active duties included servicing of vehicles, driving fork lift trucks, packing boxes and cleaning.

In July 2004, our client was asked to move some trailers, weighing one tonne each, from one shed to another with assistance from a colleague. Initially they began to move the trailers into place using a vehicle and the trailers were placed in rows of ten, facing the same direction, inside a shed.  Ten trailers had been moved when the commanding officer of our client decided that the space could be best utilised by positioning the trailers facing each other.

Unfortunately the only way to move the trailers into this position was to move them manually.

To do this, he was required to lift the front of the trailer a few inches off the ground while his colleague pushed from the back of the trailer.  Whilst lifting, he felt a twinge in his back which immediately caused him to limp.  He began to suffer from back ache which became worse over the following few days and began to cause symptoms including pins and needles and numbness in his left foot.

Our client saw the army doctor as he had begun to experience pain in his neck and arms together with numbness in his left hand. A number of investigations and an MRI scan were carried out in January 2005 which confirmed a large left sided disc protrusion.  He underwent surgery in August 2005, however he continues to experience symptoms.

Liability was conceded by the Defendant and Court proceedings were commenced due to the expiry of the limitation period.

Medical evidence was obtained which showed that the injury had accelerated an existing degenerative condition by 5 years and the claim was settled by Matthew Garson of Irwin Mitchell for £25,000.

Mr Garson said, "This is an acceptable settlement for our client considering the injury he has suffered and he is pleased with the outcome. It is helpful that liability was conceded at a relatively early stage to enable this case to be concluded with the minimum amount of additional anxiety to our client.

"Through a lack of adequate training with regard to moving vehicles or a safe system for doing this at work, our client’s degenerative condition was accelerated by 5 years.

"This is an incident which could easily have been avoided."

If you or a loved one has suffered a back injury while working for the armed forces and it wasn't your fault, our specialist military injury solicitors could help you to claim compensation. Read our Back Injury at Work Claims page for more information.

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