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Compensation for Man After Dog Attack

A man has received £5,500 compensation after he was injured in a dog attack.

In January 2008, our client was walking along a street in Sheffield in order to visit a shop. As our client walked passed a van that had its back door open a Japanese Akita dog, owned by the van owner, suddenly and without warning jumped out of the back door and attacked our client.

He suffered wounds to both his hands. Fortunately the injuries to both of the hands settled. However, he was left with some scarring on the right hand.

A claim was pursued against the dog owner for failing to adequately secure the dog in the car but instead allowed his dog to become loose and escape.

The claim was settled by Katrina Elsey of Irwin Mitchell's specialist Public Liability Team after liability was admitted on behalf of the van owner.

She said, "It is important that dog owners take responsibility for their dogs and ensure that they cannot become a danger to members of the public."

If you have been injured in similar circumstances, visit our page on dog bite claims.

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