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Compensation for Former Air Corps Pilot Involved in Road Traffic Accident

Irwin Mitchell has successfully gained £750,000 in Armed Forces compensation for a former pilot in the Army Air Corps, as a result of multiple injuries sustained in an off duty road traffic accident.

Our client was a Staff Sergeant serving with a front line attack Regiment. He was on career continuance and intended to serve until the age of 55. He suffered significant trauma to both lower limbs, and internal injuries which required various operations with a requirement for a total knee replacement. He had chronic and disabling pain which affected his cognitive function.

He was medically discharged form the Army and was unable to pursue a civilian flying career. Evidence was accepted that he was capable of therapeutic earnings only.

The award compensated our client for the loss of his military career and the loss of a second civilian flying career, his ongoing loss of earnings, his loss of pension and terminal grant, past and ongoing care requirements and also the loss of the MoD’s contribution towards his children's private school fees for the reminder of their education.

Compensation was achieved by means of a round table settlement meeting.

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