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Compensation For Carer Injured In Accident At Work

Injury After Falling Down Stairs

A woman has received £32,000 compensation after she was injured in an work accident that ended her career as a carer.

Whilst working in a residential care home, Louisa fell down some stairs causing a nasty fracture to the heel of her foot. She underwent surgery to repair the damage but has been left with long term pain and stiffness in her foot and the likelihood of future surgery.

Louisa has also been unable to return to her previous career as she can no longer work in jobs which involve standing for long periods of time which was a requirement of the care work that she previously did.

Lisa Fairclough, of Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Industrial Accident Team who handled the personal injury claim against Louisa's employer, said, "Louisa fell as a result of a problem with slippery stairs and she has sustained an injury which will affect her for the rest of her life.

"This accident just goes to show how wide ranging the effects of such a fall can be. It is important that employers are vigilant in ensuring that their premises are in good order and don’t put their workers and other visitors in danger."

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