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Compensation Following Fall From Ladder at Work

A Birmingham man has been awarded damages of £220,000 following an accident at work. He sustained injuries to his back and shoulder when he fell from a ladder in the course of his employment.

The fall from height happened because his employers had failed to properly risk assess the job he was asked to do and had failed to put in place a safe system of work.

The man sustained serious injury to his spine and shoulder when he fell and he has not been able to return to his former work as a painter and decorator.

Stephen Nye, who represented the injured man commented:

"My client's injuries could have been avoided if his employers had prepared properly for the work they wanted him to do. They did not risk assess the way in which the work was to be done or the safety implications for my client.

"The company was in essence trying to cut corners which has had disastrous consequences for my client. My client is pleased to have obtained such a significant settlement, given that liability was disputed throughout. The matter was further complicated because his employers did not have any valid employers liability insurance. Thankfully for my client, there were sufficient assets within the company to meet this claim, otherwise he would have been left uncompensated."

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