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Compensation after False Imprisonment by Police

This incident occurred in January 2008 in Bonn Square in Oxford, an area of Council owned land which has a number of trees on it.

Unfortunately over the years the square had fallen into disrepair and the Council has made plans to regenerate the square by chopping down the existing trees. Local residents objected and an individual built a tree house in one of the trees and stayed in to protest and prevent the felling of the trees.

In response to this, our client had gone to the site to lend support where there were 24 hour security personnel to prevent anyone from going near the tree.

At around 2am, our client went with another friend to give water to the protestors. He tried to throw a bottle of water to him but unfortunately the throw was misjudged and the bottle of water fell onto the ground inside the metal fence.

Our client was arrested for littering and spent some 2½ hours in custody when he was released without charge.

We obtained £1,500 in compensation for our client, on the grounds of false imprisonment.

The claims was settled by Ifti Manzoor of Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Actions Against the Police team.

If you or a loved one have been unfairly treated or unlawfully arrested by the police, our police complaints solicitors could help you claim compensation. See our Protecting Your Rights page for more information or inquire online.

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