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Company Successfully Prosecuted Under Health and Safety Legislation after Accident at Work

A car dealership which was successfully prosecuted under health and safety legislation after an accident at work has had to pay £90,000 compensation to the injured employee.

Our client suffered the accident in January 2004 whilst working as a technician at the dealership.

He was to take a car down from the upper floor at the garage to the basement to be washed. Unbeknown to our client, the safety mechanism on the lift door that prevented the door from opening if the lift floor was not there had been disconnected. He opened the door and went to step in and fell down the lift shaft.

He sustained injuries to his back, shoulder blade, hip and a bruised kidney. He was unable to return to his job and had to look for alternative light work and a number of his social activities were affected.

The case was settled by Louise Morgan of Irwin Mitchell's specialist Work Accident Team after liability was admitted on behalf of our client's employer.

She said: "Disabling the lift’s safety mechanism was extremely dangerous and it is not surprising that Mr G’s employer was successfully prosecuted for contraventions of health and safety legislation. Unfortunately the employers' actions led to our client sustaining serious injuries which have had a huge impact on him and his family."

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