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Brain Injury Claim Results in £1,275,000 Compensation

Pedestrian Brain Injury

Philip Edwards and Wendy Nixson of the Birmingham office recently pursued a legal claim on behalf of John, a teenaged man who sustained a severe brain injury as a result of a car driver colliding with him at speed as he attempted to cross the road. The car driver veered across both carriageways and John was just able to push his friend clear of the collision before the impact and she did not sustain any injury.

John’s injuries were so severe he was taken straight to hospital where he remained an in-patient for nearly 3 months. He underwent intensive in-patient rehabilitation at West Park Rehabilitation Hospital, Wolverhampton and the Transitional Rehabilitation Unit, Haydock.

Our brain injury legal claims team secured an admission of liability at an early stage and significant interim payments were sought to pay for vocational rehabilitation and a support worker to assist our client to live independently from his parents and to investigate his employment potential. Interim payments also allowed the appointment of a Brain Injury Case Manager to facilitate the transition back home.

The severity of John’s ongoing difficulties meant that he was unable to undertake the Music Sound Technology course he had intended to do before his accident and as such his ambitions to work in within a technical department of a television, radio or production company were never realised. However, with hard work and support, John was able to undertake a voluntary work placement at a local record store, which led to supported employment for 12 hours per week.

Following negotiations with the car driver’s insurer, the case settled for a sum of £1,275,000. Court approval was required and at the hearing the High Court Judge was satisfied that the settlement obtained would enable John to continue to live independently with the support he requires.

Since settlement of his claim, our client has gone on to produce his own record which is now being played in some of the country’s most prestigious drum n’ bass clubs.

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