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Armed Forces Compensation for Injury During Training

Military training injury

Daniel Brosnan, was a Corporal in the armed forces with the Second Battalion Royal Fusiliers and was injured on a training accident.

At the time, Corporal Brosnan was serving in Northern Ireland and was instructed to take part in a training exercise at the Spruce Field Police Training Village. He was advised that he would be playing the part of a "Psycho" in a cell to assist with training for D Company who were to practice their control and restraint/ riot techniques.

Corporal Brosnan was not provided with any specific information other than to shout abuse as if he was drunk and had beaten up his wife. He was not provided with any protective equipment other than a pair of cricket gloves which he discarded as being useless due to a number of fingers missing and also elbow pads. He also wore knee pads underneath his jeans. He was not provided with riot equipment or protective clothing and was advised to wear "scruffy" clothing.

The exercise involved groups of three entering a cell the front two of whom would have 6ft shields with a command behind them. They would be dressed in full combat/riot gear and would attempt to restrain Corporal Brosnan. He was advised that the whole of the company would come through the exercise. Corporal Brosnan was advised that a whistle blast would signal the end of each exercise. He was instructed to run around to evade capture.

Corporal Brosnan only had a couple of minutes between each group to get his breath back and then approximately 5 - 10 minutes after each platoon. When the final three members of the platoon came in to the cell, It appeared that they were determined to finish the job properly. Corporal Brosnan recalls that he was knocked to the floor by the shields and that the men then dropped their shields and piled on to Corporal Brosnan. Corporal Brosnan then felt his arm "pop" and he shouted that they had broken his arm but no whistle was sounded. He was then kicked in the shoulder by one of the soldiers whom he recognized. He again shouted stop and this was when the whistle was sounded.

As a result of the accident, Corporal Brosnan suffered an inferior dislocation of the dominant right shoulder. He has required numerous operations and physiotherapy together with injections by way of treatment. Unfortunately, he continues to experience symptoms and has now been medically discharged from his employment.

Liability was in dispute until the service of the Defence at which point liability was conceded. Medical evidence was obtained and compensation of £25,000 was secured based upon Corporal Brosnan’s instructions.

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