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Compensation After Trip At Work

On 19th October 2007 our client was required to collect some “metal rods” which were stored against the outer wall of a warehouse on a construction site under the control of BS Construction Limited. As he did so, he tripped over some sacks containing debris and other loose material, which were strewn about the ground and close by the warehouse. He fell to the ground and sustained a soft tissue injury to the wrist, aggravating an old injury.

He had worked, almost without pause, as a welder or in the construction industry from the early 1970s. He had made a reasonable transition after leaving his native Poland and moving to the United Kingdom in finding and retaining work within a relatively short period.

The trip meant that the effects of his old injury had been accelerated by several years, as a result of which he had to stop working in the manual higher paid job and undertake work as a cleaner which earned him less money.

He issued court proceedings against the defendant company and settled the claim, without a court hearing, for a sum of more than £30,000.

If you've been injured as a result of a slip or trip at work, our personal injury solicitors  could help you secure compensation. See our Workplace Slip & Trip Claims page for more information.

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