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Our expert lawyers have represented many people in the last few years for cases of targeted phone hacking by the News of the World newspaper and can help you to claim compensation.

There have been a significant number of victims of phone hacking by the News of the World and also The Sun, who have issued proceedings in the High Court. Such claims have come about as a consequence of the Metropolitan Police’s investigations into phone hacking under ‘Operation Weeting’.

It is highly likely that a large number of people employed in areas such as journalism, politics, sports and entertainment, as well as other newsworthy individuals and/or persons connected to those of interest to the press, could have been targeted for phone hacking. The Metropolitan Police are still in the process of notifying potential victims.

Since the initial investigation into phone hacking under ‘Operation Weeting’ (which related to News of the World reporter Glenn Mulcaire), the Metropolitan Police has more recently launched:

  • Operation Pinetree - to investigate further incidents of phone hacking by News of the World journalist Dan Evans
  • Operation Golding - in respect of hacking by the Daily Mirror and the Sunday Mirror
  • Operation Elveden which is looking into payments to the police by journalists


We are already representing a number of individuals who believe they have been a victim of phone hacking on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. This includes both high profile individuals as well as private individuals who may have been of interest due to their connection to a high profile individual.

If you feel you may have been a victim of any attempt of phone hacking, or believe that your private information may have been exploited without your permission, please contact our expert lawyers today for initial advice and guidance.