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Our privacy solicitors are specialists in cases of privacy being breached. We represent hundreds of people every year who have had their private information or company details leaked against their will.

The law in the UK recognises that everyone is entitled to a private life. The introduction of the Human Rights Act, which incorporated the European Convention on Human Rights into our legislation, means that a person may bring a claim for breach of confidence where there has been wrongful disclosure of private information.

When considering whether information is private, the Court will consider whether there is a reasonable expectation of privacy in relation to such information.

Particular categories of private information can be regarded as:

  • Private details such as intimate conversations or revelations
  • An individual's state of health and medical treatments
  • Personal identity including photographs
  • Any financial information
  • Details regarding sexual relationships
  • An individual’s home and family life

Information will not be considered by the Court as ‘private’ if the information relates to a matter of public interest, if the information is trivial or if the information is already in the public domain and accessible to the public.


Our expert lawyers not only help public figures and the rich and famous with privacy claims. We can help bring a claim for breach of privacy on behalf of any individual whose details relating to their family, finances, sex life and personal relationships are published without consent.

If you are seeking to prevent the publication of private information, it may be possible to persuade a publisher to think again on an article, change the content or, in some cases, obtain an injunction.

If you wish to seek legal advice first before making a claim, our lawyers can assist and advise you regarding the best way forward.

If private information has already been published, we can help you seek damages, often through negotiation without the need for legal proceedings.


  • Advised an individual who was filmed by a Channel 4 film crew for a television series.
  • Advised individuals who have been subject to the unjustified disclosure of private information to the press. 
  • Acting for Claimants and Defendants in proceedings issued in the County and High Courts. 

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