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Industrial Disease & Illness Claims Guide

How Can I Be Sure That My Illness Was Caused By My Work?

Linking an illness to exposure to your working conditions can be difficult. This is particularly true in the case of an illness like silicosis, where symptoms can take up to 20 years to appear, often long after you've left the work environment where it started to develop.

Other illnesses, such as asthma or arthritis, have a number of other causes such as lifestyle, age or genetics, which means it may not be clear the condition is work-related.

However, it is possible to link certain medical conditions with specific occupational causes thanks to previous judgements and case precedents that are supported by medical evidence.

For example, in 2012 it was ruled that people who had developed lung cancer after working with coke ovens for a certain period of time were entitled to compensation, as there was an established link between the fumes inhaled during the work, and the development of the disease.

If you've developed a condition that is commonly linked to a certain type of work, we'll arrange for you to see a medical expert who will examine your symptoms and discuss your work environment with you to make a judgement to the best of their medical knowledge.

Common Occupational Illnesses And Their Causes

The following is a list of illnesses that are commonly linked to working conditions:

If an exposure to harmful substances happened a long time ago, proving a link can be more difficult, but it is possible – find out more about how we do this.

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