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Industrial Disease & Illness Claims Guide

Can I Claim If I No Longer Work For My Employer, Or If They Have Ceased Trading?

Provided there's a link between your condition and your working environment, whether past or present, and this link can be proven, you could make a claim for compensation.

Sometimes the symptoms of an occupational illness can take a long time to fully develop, by which point you may have retired or moved on to another job.

It's also common for people to be unaware that their symptoms are connected to their work environment, sometimes putting them down to age or genetics – or even just general ill-health. However, if you're made aware that the condition could be work-related, you then have three years from this diagnosis in which to claim – find out more about time limits for making claims.

You can claim against a former employer, and if they're still in business this can be a very straightforward process.

If they're no longer trading, you can still claim – the company should have had Employer's Liability Insurance, which means their insurer will still be liable for your compensation. We have a proven track record of locating insurers for companies that have ceased trading, and achieving compensation payments for our clients.

If a lot of time has passed since you worked there, we will have to prove that your illness was caused by your working conditions – find out more about how we do this.

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