On 20 August 2008 a Hawk TMk1, operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and carrying an RAF pilot and Chief Technician crashed near Sleaford, England.

Immediately prior to landing at RAF Cranwell it became clear that the pilot had not lowered the landing gear resulting in a crash landing on the runway.  The pilot undertook an emergency ejection from the aircraft and sustained orthopaedic injuries. The Chief Technician who was a  passenger onboard the flight was unable to effect an emergency ejection prior to the aircraft crash landing.  He remained in the aircraft which skidded across the runway and was able to eject just prior to the aircraft colliding with a building adjacent to the Air Traffic Control Tower housing pyrotechnics.

A Board of Inquiry was held and which determined that the cause of the incident was due to pilot error with a contributory factor being a failure on the part of the Air Traffic Control tower in noting the absence of landing gear upon approach to the runway.

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