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Cyclist Hit By A Car Reaches Legal Milestone In Recovery Battle

Expert Serious Injury Lawyers At Irwin Mitchell Secure Admission Of Liability From Driver’s Insurers


A woman who suffered a serious brain injury when she was struck from behind by a vehicle as she cycled home from work in London has spoken of her relief after an important legal milestone was reached in her case paving the way for her to access vital rehabilitation to aid her recovery.

Agata Polakowska, 32, originally from Poland, was riding home after finishing work along Church Road in Northolt in July 2014 when she was struck from behind by a vehicle.

She was knocked unconscious by the impact and suffered a number of serious injuries. She was intubated at the scene and airlifted to London’s St Mary’s Hospital where she was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, fractures to her right fibula and tibia, a fractured pubic bone and a serious knee injury.

She instructed expert serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate her case and help her secure the funds she requires to access the physiotherapy and rehabilitation she needs to recovery from her injuries, as well as to cover her loss of earnings.

The driver was not prosecuted for the incident but Agata’s expert legal team at Irwin Mitchell has now secured an admission of liability from the driver’s insurers paving the way for her to receive a care package that will enable her to continue her long road to recovery.

The 32-year-old continues to suffer complications from her injuries and struggles with blurred vision, difficulty reading and writing, and memory loss. She remains under the care of St Mary’s Hospital.

Agata, who moved to the UK from Poland in 2005, relied on a knee brace for more than six months after she was struck by the vehicle and is still unable to perform a number of day-to-day tasks, such as climbing the stairs, without pain.

She also experiences a significant amount of pain when trying to run and has been told by doctors that she may require a total knee replacement within five years.

Peter Lorence, an expert serious injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, representing Agata, said:

Expert Opinion
“The insurers have now accepted the driver was responsible for this serious accident, which put Agata’s life in danger and left her with life-changing injuries.

"The impact was so severe Agata suffered a number of broken bones and traumatic brain injury, which continues to impact her life as she struggles with memory issues and difficulties reading and writing due to her blurred vision.

"Now that we have reached this important milestone we can arrange further rehabilitation for Agata that will help her to continue making the progress she has so far. The admission of liability will enable us to agree a settlement for the injuries she suffered, the impact the crash has had on her life and any future treatment she may require, such as a knee replacement.”
Peter Lorence, Solicitor

Agata, who worked as a waitress, but is now hoping to become an administrator, said: “The accident I suffered came out of nowhere and I didn’t have any warning that it was about to happen. I suffered awful injuries that have had a huge impact on my life and have made my day-to-day life and my work extremely difficult.

“I have gone through a significant amount of physiotherapy and rehabilitation already, but I still face a long road to full recovery and the prospect of a full knee replacement in the coming years as a result of the injuries I suffered on that morning.

“The injuries and the daily difficulties I face are a constant reminder of that terrible day and I’m happy that this milestone has been reached and justice feels like it’s another step closer. Hopefully, I will soon be able to move on with my life and focus all of my efforts on my recovery and putting this nightmare behind me.”

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