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Two Sheffield Patients Suffer Spinal Surgery Problems Under Same Surgeon

Lawyers Instructed To Investigate Nerve Damage Which Has Left Patients Struggling To Walk


Two patients who suffered extensive nerve damage during spinal surgery in Sheffield have instructed lawyers to investigate the care they received after apparently being told that screws were incorrectly placed during the procedures leaving them struggling to walk.

Specialist medical negligence lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have been instructed by the two separate patients who suffered severe nerve damage during surgery under the same surgeon at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

The two patients, who wish to remain anonymous, both had spinal fusion surgery at the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, this year, but both had to have corrective surgery to replace the metalwork after there was nerve damage, which seems to have been caused by the placement of the screws.

Both now have problems walking and one can no longer get upstairs in his own home meaning his living room has had to be converted into a bedroom.

Tom Mather, a specialist medical negligence lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing the patients said:

Expert Opinion
“We have been instructed to investigate the spinal surgery performed on two patients who have suffered very similar injuries this year when screws appear to have been incorrectly placed, causing extremely serious nerve damage.

“Operations on the spine are obviously very serious and complex but we will be looking into whether more could have been done to avoid the problems these two patients have faced. They have been left with permanent injuries and face a lifetime of extra care and assistance, and one of our clients can no longer get upstairs which has completely changed his life forever.

“Our primary concern is ensuring they get the necessary treatments and support they need to help ease their symptoms and enable them to live as independent a life as possible. We will also be investigating whether anything could have been done to avoid the problems in the first place and whether any lessons can be learned to prevent the same thing happening again.”
Tom Mather, Partner

One patient underwent a spinal fusion operation in February 2015 but immediately after he came round from surgery he could not move his leg. An MRI scan was performed and he recalls he was told by the surgeon that a screw had been misplaced and was going through a nerve in his spine. He had further surgery two days later where all metalwork was removed and replaced.

Following the revision surgery he is still unable to move his left foot and suffers from pins and needles in his leg. He has been advised that no further improvement is expected and will require assistance and care with aspects of daily life and help with his mobility.

The second patient also had spinal fusion surgery under the same surgeon in August 2015 and but was discharged despite being in severe pain the day after he came round. Two days later he was readmitted to hospital due to the intensity of the pain and scans were performed before he recalls being told by the surgeon that there had been a ‘slight accident’ and a screw had been put through his spinal nerve.

He has since had revision surgery to remove and replace all metalwork but again he has been left with nerve damage causing difficulties with his walking. He is no longer able to get upstairs in his home without assistance and so his living room has had to be converted to a bedroom and he washes in the kitchen.

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