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Election Watch: How many former Secretaries of State at DLUHC are standing at the next election?

Well, I certainly chose an interesting week to get married! * 

In the few days before the big day, the Prime Minister called a general election and the current Secretary of State for Levelling-Up, Housing & Communities announced that he was not going to stand in it. 

These announcements have, rather inconveniently, brought my LURA-Watch coverage to an abrupt (but probably temporary) halt.   I shall spend the next six weeks doing planning-related election coverage instead**. Most of which is likely to be manifesto related. 

As we do not have the Conservative or Labour manifestos quite yet, this post is devoted to satisfying my own curiosity. 

Namely answering a question that no one is asking. Following Michael Gove's announcement last week:  How many of our Former Conservative Secretaries of State and Housing Ministers*! are actually standing for re-election in July?

Secretaries of State since 2010

Eric PicklesMay 2010 to May 2015Entered House of Lords
Greg Clark

May 2015 to July 2016

July 2022 to Sept 2022

Standing Down 
Sajid JavidJan 2018 to April 2018Standing Down
James BrokenshireApril 2018 to July 2019Deceased
Robert JenrickJuly 2019 to Sept 2021Standing for Re-election 
Michael Gove

Sept 2021 to July 2022

Oct 2022 to present 

Standing Down
Simon ClarkeSept 2022 to Oct 2022Standing for Re-election 

Number of Secretaries of State standing for re-election: 2 out of a possible 5.

Housing/Planning Ministers since 2010

Grant ShappsMay 2010 to Sept 2012Standing for Re-election
Mark PriskSept 2012 to Oct 2013left the Commons Nov 2019
Kris HopkinsOct 2013 to July 2014left the Commons May 2017
Brandon LewisJuly 2014 to July 2016Standing Down
Gavin BarwellJuly 2016 to June 2017Entered House of Lords
Alok SharmaJune 2017 to Jan 2018Standing Down
Dominic RaabJan 2018 to July 2018Standing Down
Kit MalthouseJuly 2018 to July 2019Standing for Re-election
Esther McVey July 2019 to Feb 2020Standing for Re-election
Christopher PincherFeb 2020 to Feb 2022left the Commons Sept 2023
Stuart AndrewFeb 2022 to July 2022Standing Down
Marcus Jones July 2022 to Sept 2022Standing for Re-election
Lee Rowley 

Sept 2022 to Oct 2022

Nov 2023 to present

Standing for Re-election
Lucy FrazerOct 2022 to Feb 2023Standing for Re-election
Rachel MacleanFeb 2023 to Nov 2023Standing for Re-election.

Number of Housing/Planning Ministers standing for re-election:  7 out of a possible 11.



*It was an amazing day - and one that I can't stop talking about - further details (and photos) are available on request.  

** amongst other things. 

*! Based on lists of ministers that I found on Wikipedia, Google searches and this handy primer from the Institute for Government. If anyone else declares they are standing down in the next day or two, I will update the post.

In a letter published on X, formerly Twitter, the Conservative MP for Surrey Heath said he was stepping down as it is time that "a new generation should lead".

Aberdeen-born Gove, who has represented the Surrey constituency since 2005, has had two spells as levelling up secretary, from 2021 to July 2022, when he was sacked amid challenges to Boris Johnson’s premiership; and from October 2022, when then new prime minister Rishi Sunak appointed him in his first cabinet.”