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Irwin Mitchell’s French Desk: providing a platform for international growth

It’s been a busy six months for our international team and boosted by the arrival in September of partner, Catherine Palmer, I’m delighted to say that our French Desk is going from strength to strength.

Catherine’s effectiveness in leading the team comes as no surprise. She’s held several non-executive director roles, spent 14 years as General Counsel of International luxury brand, Joseph, and is extremely well-connected within the Franco-British business community.

Her bilingual skills are also demonstrated by the interesting fact that for almost 20 years, she’s provided the recorded voice for the Eurostar’s French platform announcements at St Pancras International.

Together with other members of the French desk who represent a wide range of legal disciplines at Irwin Mitchell, Catherine has further strengthened our presence within several key associations.

Since joining us last year, for example, Catherine and members of the French desk have attended high profile events organised by the Franco British Society, the Franco British Lawyers’ Society, the Franco British Data Society and the French Chamber of Commerce in UK where she’s a member of the Advisory Council.

She’s also added to our credibility in the Franco-British business and legal communities through productive meetings with the Embassies, and the international section of the Paris Bar. Whilst in France she’s also met some of our existing contacts and network representatives and closer to home, she’s spoken to representatives of the Department for Business and Trade, and the international section of the Law Society.

So, what does this all mean and why are we committed to investing in our French Desk?

Quite simply, France is a major jurisdictional desk for Irwin Mitchell and is a key part of our international growth strategy rollout.

Despite the economy facing numerous challenges, the level of foreign direct investment (FDI) into the UK remains high. We also know that through our own research that France is a major player when it comes to job creation in the UK on the back of FDI. From speaking to our clients, it is also evident that not only is there appetite in the UK, but interest also flows the other way too.

Our investment in our French Desk is part of our commitment to ensure we offer our business and private clients legal advice from people that are closely involved and networked into both countries.

If you represent a French business looking for legal support in the UK, or an organisation based in the UK looking for representation in France, please do get in touch.

Irwin Mitchell’s International network

Irwin Mitchell is a member of numerous strategic international networks. It joined First Law International (FLI) in October 2018 as part of its international growth strategy and since being appointed it has become a key member of the network - highlighted by its appointment to FLI’s Advisory Board.

Irwin Mitchell is also a member of the Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council - a network of around 100 business and government members from around the Commonwealth – and has a seat on its Global Advisory Council.