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The dangers of driving on "autopilot"

A recent video has highlighted the dangers of inadvertently pushing the wrong pedal in your vehicle. 

Many assume that serious injuries on our roads are caused by intentional actions of others in driving dangerously or recklessly. However, more often than not, drivers make mistakes, usually in consequence of being on "autopilot". 

In a video, obtained by the BBC, a driver from Pennsylvania mistakenly pressed the accelerator and sped through a barrier and into a drive-through car wash, causing significant damage. He was trapped in the vehicle for 30 minutes.   

Tragically, I have seen many cases where drivers have mistakenly pushed on the wrong pedal leading to devastatingly serious injuries and, on occasions, fatalities. 

We all lead very busy lives. It is often easy to drive on autopilot. This video is a stark reminder of the dangers of driving. 

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A man crashed and flipped over his vehicle inside a drive-through car wash in Colmar, Pennsylvania in the US.

The 77-year-old driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed through a gate, after accidentally hitting the accelerator pedal.”