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Return of Acquired Brain Injury Parliamentary Group a welcome move in ensuring people with an ABI can lead a full life

The Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Parliamentary Group has been reinstated after a year-long absence. It follows an announcement made by the Chair of the group, Chris Bryant MP. 

The group, which was established in 2014, aims to raise awareness of ABI, advocate for improvements in care and support for individuals affected by ABI, as well as promote better understanding of the needs of those with ABI among policy makers and the wider public.

What is an ABI

ABI refers to damage to the brain that occurs after birth, and can result from a range of causes including traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumours, infection, and neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia. ABI can have a significant impact on a person’s physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning, and can result in long-term disability.

The reinstatement of the ABI Parliamentary Group is welcome news for individuals affected by ABI, their families, and healthcare professionals. The group provides a forum for discussion and debate on key issues affecting those with ABI, and can help to ensure that their voices are heard by policy makers.

The group will be supported by the United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF), a leading charity that works to improve the lives of people affected by ABI. UKABIF provides a range of services including information and advice, training and education, and advocacy and campaigning.

The need to improve services

The reinstatement of the ABI Parliamentary Group comes at a time when there is growing recognition of the need to improve services for individuals with ABI. In March 2021, the NHS published its Long Term Plan, which includes a commitment to improve services for people with ABI. The plan aims to increase the number of specialist rehabilitation centres across the country, and to provide better access to specialist care for individuals with ABI.

Supporting people with ABI

Through my work I regularly see the life-changing impact an ABI can have on not only those diagnosed with such an injury, but also their loved ones, and how access to specialist care, treatment and rehabilitation is key. 

The reinstatement of the ABI Parliamentary Group is a positive step towards achieving these goals, and towards ensuring that individuals with ABI receive the care and support that they need to live full and fulfilling lives.

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